“I just wanted to say thank you so much for DJ’ing at our wedding… all of our guests had a wonderful time.”

One of the most important parts of planning a wedding is finding the right entertainment for the reception. Look no further than Stellar DJ for your entertainment needs! From helping organize the reception announcements and events to promoting dancing and fun, Stellar DJ is here to make it all happen. We know how much care and concern goes into planning a wedding reception. With Stellar DJ, you can set your worries aside and focus on your family and friends.

“Thank you for playing so many of our requested selections!”

With a wide selection of music we can assure you that the mood will always be perfect. From comfortable dinner and cocktail music, to romantic slow dances, to upbeat dancing, Stellar DJ has what you are looking for. We promise to take requests before and during the reception, and with an ever-increasing database of song titles, seldom is a request too tough to handle.

Our DJ’s will come dressed in their best, armed with the most professional sound and lighting in the industry. At Stellar DJ we want to be a part of a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Contact us today, because no time is too soon to begin planning your big day!

Lower School / Middle School / High School

Finding quality entertainment for school functions can be quite challenging. Look no further than Stellar DJ for all your entertainment needs. Quality entertainment includes playing appropriate music that fits the event and provides an enjoyable atmosphere for all.

Stellar DJ uses one of the most professional sound systems in Oklahoma and has an amazing lighting rig to complement. Our music collection is constantly growing, so no request is too hard to handle.

Let Stellar DJ help coordinate and entertain at your next big event! Call today!


Does your fraternity want to throw the best party on campus? Will your next sorority formal be unforgettable?

Stellar DJ is prepared to handle your parties, whatever type they may be. We have experience with foam, paint, and all sorts of themed events. With club-level lighting and high-end sound, we can create a slamming atmosphere for any occasion.

So, if that next function is just around the corner, or you still have months to plan, do not hesitate to call today and book Stellar DJ for your next blockbuster event!

Was last year’s Christmas party boring? Did the company picnic end early? Let Stellar DJ help you pull off the corporate event of the year!

Our sound system and lighting rigs are scalable, so no event is too big or too small. And with the highest-end equipment in the industry, you can be sure that the sound reproduction will be flawless. We can provide extra microphones (wired or wireless) for announcements, speeches, and event coordination.

With an ever-increasing music collection, no theme or genre is off-limits. We also can service specific song requests before and during the event.

So, whether your event is this weekend or next Christmas, contact Stellar DJ today!!

Finding quality entertainment for your reunion can be challenging. Look no further than Stellar DJ!

With fantastic lighting and sound equipment, you can be sure you’ll have high impact entertainment. With an ever-increasing music collection, no genre or era is left out. We can accomodate any theme and are happy playing to specific music needs.

So call today! You don’t want to miss out on booking Stellar DJ for your big event!